Chris Hohnbaum


Hello, my name is Chris. If you are visiting this web site then you are either questioning LDS doctrine or feel your “testimony” is strong enough that you can refute anything that attacks the LDS faith and its General Authorities.

First let me say a few things. The LDS people are the best people I was ever associated and still associated with. I don’t have an axe to grind, was not excommunicated, and I held several positions in the church; positions such as Sunday School President, Elders Quorum Secretary, Ward Mission Leader, Scout Master and Gospel Doctrine Teacher. I was a great example of an active, participating LDS member who did his home-teaching and held family home evenings.

Let me tell you a bit of my life. At 13 years of age I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I went to the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches until age 16. I didn’t participate in church much until I joined the LDS church in 1991. Prior to joining the LDS church people tried giving me “Anti-Mormon” literature. I kindly refused; why would I need that? This was the true church with the fullness of the gospel and with a living Prophet. My wife was LDS and introduced me to the church. For eight years I attended the temple and was sealed as a family with my wife and three children.


Then in mid-1999 I really sat down to study the scriptures as told by the church we should do. While studying I found several conflicting scriptures. Having a good knowledge of the Bible I found that some of the scriptures in the D&C and in the Book of Mormon contradicted the teachings in the Bible. I continued to study and started finding more contradictions. I spoke with my wife, who immediately called the Bishop and Stake President and had them speak with me. When I asked where it told us that Jesus and Satan were brothers I was told it didn’t state that in the Book of Mormon, but it can be concluded that they were. I asked why in two separate places in the Book of Mormon it stated polygamy was “an abomination in God’s eyes” and then in the D&C it was commanded? Had God changed his mind? Either the two prophets in the Book of Mormon were wrong or Joseph Smith was wrong. In any case if the Book of Mormon prophets were wrong I couldn’t believe anything they wrote, and if Joseph Smith was wrong then “everything” was wrong. I was told that God did change his mind (by my Bishop). I explained if God changed his mind about that, what was to stop him from changing his mind about my living with him eternally, if he wanted to change on a whim he could. I always believed that God was the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow with no questions, the constant in all or our lives. Now I was being told he changed his mind? I was then asked “can’t you just accept these things with faith?” I thought about that, then a voice within me said, if this was the true church it should stand up to anything. Why would God allow his true church to be questioned—it should be irrefutable.

It was at this point that I decided to go into the Internet, as you are doing right now. I am an extremely educated man and have common sense. What I read I couldn’t believe, but 99% of it referred to “Church History” books, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Brigham Young’s Journal of Discourses, and other church publications, including the “Ensign.” So, I went to the library and checked out some of the accusations that these “Anti-Mormons” were making. After reading the statements quoted, I checked to ensure they were in context. I was finding what they were accusing Joseph Smith of, and the Church of, were in fact true. The Church’s own manuscripts, books, and magazines supported each accusation.


If you are LDS, like you, I was told that the Book of Mormon was the “most correct book on earth” and that Joseph Smith translated it by revelation form God (through the Urim and Thummim). I then found out that it has over 4,000 changes in it since the first printing in 1830. I also found out Smith used a hat and a stone; he would put the stone in the hat, block out the light and suddenly words would appear and would not go away immediately. Martin Harris would read back what Joseph told him and if it was correct it would go away by itself. This was supported by the B.H. Roberts “History of the Church” (B.H. Roberts was probably the greatest LDS historian ever). I acquired a copy of the 1830 Book of Mormon (a reprint) and a current edition (1981) and compared them. I quit counting at 15 changes within the first several chapters. These changes were not punctuation changes, words were inserted and some taken out. This changed the entire meaning of several LDS ideals. If God had given this power to Joseph, was God poor at writing, did he change his mind again? I think not. Then I read in Nephi where he states that if there are errors then they are the errors of men. Why would God allow this “most perfect of all books” to have the errors of men? Sort of defeats the purpose to bring back the restored gospel (but with a possibility that there are errors in it?). I could quote scripture after scripture between the Book of Mormon and the Bible that contradict each other, but Christ recited passages from the Bible, not the Book of Mormon. If the Bible is translated wrong why would he quote from it? The Book of Mormon and Bible do not go hand in hand. They contradict each other in many places. Read them both, especially the New Testament.


By this time I was spending an incredible amount of time researching the origins of Mormonism and early church doctrine. I found that the doctrine was changed and was still being changed before my eyes. Joseph Smith was involved in magic and the occult. The temple ceremony is based on the Masonic Order (Freemasonry). You may want to look and see what this is about; it is about magic. I found that in Nauvoo the LDS church had 5 Masonic Lodges and initiated over 200 members in it within several months. I found that the “Shakers,” another religious faction at that time, first instituted the Word of Wisdom. Brigham Young taught the Adam God doctrine (now called a “theory”) for 25 years. This is based on the belief that Adam is our God, not Heavenly Father, that it was Adam who fathered Jesus by coming to Mary in a physical form. Now after reading Mormon Doctrine, Bruce McConkie states that many “Anti-Mormons” use this against the church. Well they should, don’t just read Mormon Doctrine, go to Journal of Discourses and see what Brigham Young taught. You will find it spelled out for you. Brigham didn’t teach this just once, he taught it for 25 years.


Jesus Christ died for our sins that we would be forgiven of ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. This doesn’t exclude anything. The LDS Church teaches that some sins just can’t be forgiven, only blood atonement can atone for this sin (taught by Brigham Young). What is Blood Atonement? Simply put, it is that the sin is so grievous that only the spilling of your OWN BLOOD will atone for the sin. Now we are in a real paradox, the church does not believe in abortion, but its prophets believe in the shedding of your own blood to atone for certain sins. What about the death penalty? It was my belief that Christ died for all of our sins, all of them, not just special ones. The LDS Church teaches that the sin of murder can not be forgiven, yet the Bible teaches otherwise.


I wonder why the LDS Church never uses the cross in anything? I was told only the Catholics had crosses and that the LDS Church didn’t believe in its symbolism, that it symbolizes paganism (Bruce R. McConkie). The cross is salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, read 1 Corinthians 1:18. Why did we ignore it? It appeared we glorified the Angel Moroni more than the symbol of the cross, where our salvation was obtained. If paganism is such a concern of the LDS Church then why are there pentagrams on the temples? Moons (in different phases), Suns, and other symbols? Okay, books in Deseret Book stores will clarify these from a Mormon standpoint, however, the symbol of the Pentagram has been used in Satanism back before the time of the Egyptians, so why would the LDS Church use these on their temples? This goes back to Freemasonry, as I stated beforehand; you need to do some research into Freemasonry to see where 60% of the temple ceremony came from and the symbols on the temple. What I am saying is that Satan is not going to have his church named the Church of Satan! He is the master of lies, the deceiver of all, he will mimic God to 99% and leave just enough to lead people astray. The doctrine of the LDS Church is incorrect. The people are beautiful, wonderful, and faithful. This is why those who find the truth don’t want to lose their friends. Since the church surrounds them with activities and for 3 hours on Sunday, you don’t want to lose those friends. But what is more important, true salvation in Christ and an eternity with Him, or having friends in this life…?


Most of you reading this will not look these things up. If you feel the Book of Mormon is true and the LDS Church is the true church of Christ, then you will not be nervous or afraid to investigate these accusations as I have. Since your destination (be it heaven or hell) is eternal, do you really want to chance all of that on a “warm fuzzy feeling” or a “testimony?” As the missionaries challenged me at one time, I challenge you; look into these things. Your husband’s, wife’s, children’s, or parents’ salvation depends on it. Do this with an open mind and heart. You will find what I have found, and when you do, you will be as devastated as I was. You will know you have been sold a bill of goods that the LDS Church cannot deliver.

Let’s use some common sense; do you really believe that you need to know a few secret handshakes to enter the Kingdom of God? Now, didn’t God make the Universe? Man? Heaven? Yes, he made all these. What makes us think then that we won’t be recognized to enter heaven unless we know the temple handshakes? Aren’t these “secret combinations?” Doesn’t the Book of Mormon warn against these? Oh yes, they are sacred, not secret, this is what we are told. If we tell others of these handshakes and their meanings does it mean that they could sneak into heaven without God knowing? The Bible warns us of participation in secret activities (Matthew 10:26-27; Ephesians 5:11-12) and Jesus affirmed that; “I spake openly to the world, in secret have I said NOTHING.” (John 18:20).

Do the Indians and Mexicans look like Hebrews? The Book of Mormon states that their skin was changed because they wouldn’t hearken unto God’s commandments, that the white-skinned people are considered morally and spiritually SUPERIOR to black skinned people ( 2 Nephi 5:21). But the Bible teaches us that God “Made of one blood all nations of men.” (Acts 17:26; Galatians 3:28; James 2:1) The Book of Mormon states that if they did repent they would become “white as snow” (new editions of the Book of Mormon have been changed to “pure”). I haven’t seen any of them turned to white, at least not yet. Brigham Young taught that those apostatizing from the church would have their skin turn dark. I am just as white as ever.


Ever hear of this guy? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. In the 1980’s he sold the LDS Church several forged documents. These documents would have incriminated the church and the dealings and life style of Joseph Smith. They purchased these documents (with your money) and put them in the church archives without ever telling the members. Then the cat got out of the bag and Mark Hoffman murdered a couple of people and finally was put in jail. (You can find a lot more on this on the truth-about-Mormon sites, or what some would call “anti-Mormon sites”). Well the General Authority who handled all the transactions and exchanging of money was Gordon B. Hinckley, the current prophet. My question is this, if these documents were false and Mr. Hinckley was a prophet, why didn’t God tell him or other church leaders? According to church doctrine all the General Authorities are “oracles of God, Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.” Why didn’t they know they were being tricked, deceived, and lied to? God’s most precious church was in danger, wouldn’t he save it by telling the prophet?


In 1967 the papyrus that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham was found and returned to the LDS Church. This papyri had on the back of it drawings by Joseph Smith himself, so it IS in fact the one he was “translating” from. It was made known to the world that it was found. Mormons were excited because now they had proof that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. The church sent it to BYU to be translated. First: If the church has the Urim and Thumim and the Seer stone, why didn’t they translate it? Why didn’t the prophet translate it? At BYU two professors translated it. Following the translation of it, one of them left the school and left the church. Outside sources then came in (an Egyptologist from Egypt) and following the translation it was noted that this was NOT the Book of Abraham, but an Egyptian funeral text from the Book of Breathings. The church now states that Joseph must have just been inspired to write the Pearl of Great Price. Inspired or not, Joseph lied when he stated that they were the writings of Abraham. Do prophets lie? Especially about other prophets?

I just didn’t believe what others said about Joseph Smith or the church. I researched it, studied it and researched it again. I asked myself, if it wasn’t true why wouldn’t the General Authorities say so, why wouldn’t they just leave the church? The money and “worship” they receive from the members must be astounding, hard, or impossible to leave. I am sure they have all come to terms with the lies and have justified it somehow amongst themselves. Perhaps they tell themselves, “Well, we teach people to live good lives. That is what matters.” But the Bible teaches us that it is not our “goodness” that saves us.I could go on and on. So why do I write this to you? Again, I have no axe to grind. I love the LDS people for I was one of them for a long time. But understand one thing, your salvation and that of your entire family is at stake. May the Spirit of God open your eyes. Look into these allegations and find the truth, “for the truth shall set you free.

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