The following links are to websites we think will be useful in your study and research. The inclusion of these links on our site does not constitute an endorsement of the ministries represented or of everything they say. Conversely, exclusion of ministry links should not be construed as a rejection of their materials. We encourage you to be as the Bereans in Acts 17:11, who received the message with gladness, but then checked it against Scripture to see if it was so.



Adam’s Road  – Adam’s Road is a Christian band and ministry dedicated to sharing God’s Word through music. Members of the band are former Mormons.

A Shield and a Refuge Ministries – A Shield and Refuge Ministries is committed to reaching out to those trapped in and victimized by Mormon fundamentalism (polygamy).

Concerned Christians Excellent articles and inspirational testimonies. Jim & Judy Robertson are former Mormons who left the LDS Church and found joy in the biblical Jesus.

H.I.S. Ministries International – Testimonies of former Mormons. Great articles on LDS Temples and the priesthood. Dennis and Rauni Higley have devoted their lives over the last 30 years to reaching Mormons for Jesus of the Bible.

Institute for Religious Research – Mormons in Transition  – A non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization devoted to the study of religious claims in light of history and the Bible. Resources for researching and evaluating the claims, doctrines and scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Life After Ministries Articles about Mormon teachings and current events. Testimonies of ex-Mormons. Exit counseling and mentoring programs.

Maze Ministry – Great articles, latest news about the Mormon Church, and testimonies. Jim Spencer helps to clarify the gospel accurately and effectively for Mormons, while helping  Christians understand the errors of Mormonism.

Sacred Groves – This website showcases a variety of video testimonies of people who have left Mormonism and found new life in Jesus Christ.

Unveiling Grace – Feature-length documentary of the interwoven story of eight Mormons (several of whom were missionaries) who had life-changing encounters with Jesus.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry – Excellent resource for Mormons and non-Mormons alike who are seeking the truth about Mormonism. Jerald and Sandra Tanner are pioneers in researching and disseminating information about the LDS Church. The Tanners have done an excellent job in providing accurate and detailed articles, quoting directly from authentic Church sources. They offer many materials for study and reference.

Biblical Teachings

Gain a better understanding of the Bible in its historical and spiritual context on these sites:


First Fruits of Zion –  26 30-minute episodes of excellent teaching

Torah Class – Tom Bradford

Beth Immanuel Sabbath – Website for the Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship located in Hudson, Wisconsin. Audio teachings and articles from a Messianic perspective.