I was born in Provo Utah and was raised in a very wonderful LDS family with 2 older brothers.  I had the best childhood ever, since my dad built and raced dune buggies, we camped almost every weekend until I was a teenager.  My parents then divorced when I was 14 years old, a freshman in high school.  My father remarried my best friend’s mom Judy, so I ended up with 2 step-sisters and 1 step-brother.  My oldest sister Tammy and I married two guys who were brothers the year we graduated high school in 1983.

We both moved to Heber City where we raised our children (I have 3 boys; she has 1 boy and 1 girl), and we continued the LDS lifestyle with no questions about the validity of the religion. If I would have questioned it, there was nobody in the small town that would have had any knowledge to help me or anyone else to leave that religion, as probably 95% of the population was LDS (at least that I knew of).

I was divorced in 2001 after being married for 17 years. Our marriage had become abusive because he wouldn’t go to church or the temple, and it bugged me. He was very verbally abusive. My sister also divorced her husband and remarried. We both became inactive in our religion, and our ex-husbands were both crazy and from a family with a history of mental illness. A few of their family members committed suicide in the barn and some were institutionalized. We were both very happy to have left those situations.

I was single for 4 years before marrying Dale in 2004 (he had 2 boys), and we moved to Mapleton Utah where we purchased a home and resided there until 2007.  This is where things took a turn for the searching of God!

In 2006 Dale’s father Jim passed away when he was living in St. George.  He died suddenly, and I had been very close with him. I cried out to God a few times the first few days after his death and shook my fist at God and cried out “Why did you take him? Please take someone else, not him.” I know how bad that sounds and it was. I cannot believe I did that in my stupid flesh.

I didn’t understand what just happened in our lives. But, God had a plan that I totally did not see at the time I thank God for his timing and patience in me and all of us.

In 2007 we decided to move to St. George into the home where Jim had resided.  We sold everything in Mapleton, including Dale’s dump-truck business that we were operating at the time and we then proceeded to make the move. But the day we were to move in, my father died of a complication due to Leukemia.  I was like WHAT?! Well, this is where things started getting really crazy. 

When we finally got moved in and settled from the funeral stuff, we lived near an old friend of ours named Kathy. Now I knew that Kathy had left the LDS Church some years before, but I didn’t know why or any of the details. So when I asked her about it she gave me a DVD called “The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon.”  The video sat on my desk for a few days until I finally watched it.  WOW, WAS I SURPRISED AT WHAT I SAW!

Right then and there upon watching that video I said, “I do not want anything to do with that religion ever again; I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I knew that it wasn’t true!”  But I didn’t really grasp what I was about to experience, and I said “Now what do I do?” So Kathy invited us to Calvary Chapel of St. George, and I had such a stupid attitude I told my husband I am going to go ONE time to this church and THAT is it, and if you would like to come with me that’s up to you, but I’m only giving it ONE chance. 

So wow really, I had no idea what we were about to walk into.  We have been walking with God for almost seven years now, so yes, Pastor Rick had my attention very quickly in that first service we attended, and the worship team was completely amazing. The words spoke to my heart so much. Now I can see God’s plan, and I’m so thankful that I can SEE it FEEL it, LIVE it, and KNOW it!  Now I feel God’s love and presence every minute of my life.  Praise the Lord!

I really didn’t get into all the stuff that I started seeing very quickly, but a few of them in a nutshell:

1- Being that I was married in the temple, I learned that what they do in there is completely against Christ!  We cannot save ourselves or anyone else for that matter; how can we belittle Christ like that?  He died for nothing if we believe in Temple ordinances!

2-We cannot work our way to Heaven, and we cannot just be a good person and go to Heaven.  We are saved by Grace and Grace alone!  Faith and promises are at our feet if we just believe and have faith and trust in Christ!  (Ephesians 2:8-9)

3-Jesus Christ is God. This is HUGE to know!

4-I can have a personal relationship with Christ.

5-Jesus died for me and you even though we are ALL sinners.

6-Jesus NEVER sinned! 

7-I don’t need to be baptized to go to Heaven!  The thief on the cross wasn’t baptized, yet he went to paradise.

8-The CROSS is so important, and if we don’t honor what God did with Christ on the Cross, then it belittles Christ!  I don’t know about you, but I cannot do that to him!

9-Christ in Mormonism is NOT the Jesus of the Bible.

10-I believe in the entire Bible or none of it, start to finish, and everything in between! The BOM completely contradicts the Bible, so you CANNOT hold to both of them as truth.

11-The Priesthood (as taught in Mormonism) is NOT needed! What? Really! The law of priesthood was fulfilled the minute Jesus died on the cross, so people could now pray on their own instead of going to an official person, so no need for it. Jesus was the last High Priest! So, no priesthood, and yet Mormons are all over it!

12-There is no possible way that the LDS Church is the only true church on earth.  In fact, Christianity is NOT a religion; it is a way of life when Christ lives IN us. God hates “religion.”  There isn’t one true church on the earth, because trust in Jesus is the only way.

13-Jesus and Lucifer are NOT brothers! OMG!

14-Adam is not our father!!  Brigham Young taught that, by the way.  We only have one Father and that is GOD!!

15-There is only one God who didn’t create himself, He just already WAS, IS and ALWAYS will be God!  We can’t become gods, and we don’t need to; we already have ONE and only ONE!

16-There is only ONE way to Heaven and that is through the blood of Jesus Christ!  The road is narrow, not wide like Mormons teach.

17-There is not one shred of evidence for the BOM, and none of the people ever existed!  And there is more proof that none of it existed. Partly, the metal didn’t exist yet that they used, and the horses were not in this part of the world at the time of those made-up stories.

18-There is no marriage in Heaven!  It says so in the Bible.

19-As believers we are promised to be reunited with our families in Heaven; we do not need a temple for that!

20-I don’t even know where to quit because there are like 50 million more things to say, so I’ll quit here.